Multiple 6 Figure Earner's Proven 4 Step Process To Generate Leads and Sales Using This Strategy:
Former destitute 'nobody' discovers a breakthrough lead getting strategy...
The E.P.I.C. Strategy that took this former destitute nobody to multiple 6 figures in only 17 months
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This 4 Step Guide Will Walk You Through How To Sell Anything Using Stories ...Even If You Haven't Created A Result Yet for Yourself
What this book will teach you
How to apply the 4 Step Process in creating stories or "advertorials" about others successes that you can leverage and make sales from. Shows you how to secretly position yourself to make the sale of someone who has already created the results you are looking for. 
The 4 proven steps for you to model:
  • Engage your prospects so that they HAVE TO KNOW what you have to offer
  • Present the problems and challenges so you can connect with your prospects pain
  • Illustrate the solution by displaying someones results and successes
  • Convert the prospect to opting in or buying whatever you are selling
“I can think of a lot of people who balk at big promises. I can think of plenty more who couldn’t care less about a bulleted list of shocking statistics. But, I can’t think of a single person who can resist a good story. Can you?" ~John Forde
About The Author
Chris Rocheleau is one of the most well respected internet marketing trainers in the industry. He is the Founder of the unique experience known as EPIC Story Academy where Chris has personally used what is now known as the EPIC Story Formula to create a multiple 6 figure income selling marketing solutions and information products online. 
His passion lies in facilitating massive breakthroughs in life and business as he coaches his clients to "take it to the next level".

"The Hidden Art of Story-Selling" is an absolute must for anyone looking to create a "signature story"
What Our students say about "The Hidden Art of Story-Selling"
  • "Amazing training Chris! I love how much value you've given others in this program at no charge. I've already implemented about 90% of what you've taught and have already had people tell me how inspiring my story is and have generated some leads through my lead magnet because of my story. Can't wait to go through The EPIC Story Hack, which I bought straight after watching the first video. Love your work Chris!
    Alex Ford
  • "I just went through The Hidden Art of Story-Selling. You set the stage - do an excellent job of explaining why story selling - how it works, how it applies to business, how to plug it into one's marketing - and you have reduced it to easy to bite size chunks - don't have to be perfect... This is giving value upfront - and it is going to lead to lots of conversions - of that I am sure!!!"
    Trish Roess
  • "When this paradigm was taught to me, I had my biggest breakthrough since coming into this industry. Since then, I have been re-adjusting my marketing and getting more and more responses. I have found MY voice to use with my audience. Thank you!"
    Ellie Walsh
  • "Holy crap! Thank you Chris for this, incredible. After doing this awhile, you kind of intuitively recognize that there are disconnects, but I really needed this on 'paper'. Awesomeness! ;-)"
    John Newton
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