EPIC Story Formula For Marketers
The E.P.I.C. Story Formula for Marketers
Why Storytellers Rule The World...
How To Ethically Make More Sales Using A Proven 4 Step 'Story' Process Even If You Actually Have No Results Yet...

How I accidentally discovered a formula to make sales and eliminate all resistance using strategically crafted stories


We've all seen it... 


...a top producer seems to effortlessly recruit ppl every day and make it seem so simple where they have all this free time and it seems like they barely ever actually work.

We ask ourselves:


"How in the heck do they do that?" 


We look on their social media profiles and see them touting their latest results and promising that if you join their team they are going to teach you "their secret formula".

Naturally we bite... and we join so we can "learn the secret".

So the we start to go through their training and discover that the real strategy is simply posting a "result" and then promising to teach them the secret if they join them.


That's really it.


So then I the question I always would see them asking is:


"How do I market and recruit reps without any results yet?"


This is where most people quit... right here. But not us...

They get deluded into thinking that have to have stand alone personal results from the very beginning... almost before they even take the first step.

Which of course is absolutely nuts when you actually consider what is being asked.

So for those who don't quit right at that moment they start to search more... they start to join 'leader after leader' in different deals just to see if any of them will actually teach them 'the secrets'.

Some of them will even overpay for private coaching from the leader hoping that they will teach them "The secret" in private without telling anyone else.

This is where the search turns from 'ridiculousness' to absolute madness.

Yet the real secret is actually out there hidden in plain sight. Yet so many refuse to see it. Many get a glimpse of it and say.


"It can't be that simple"


Yet the concept is simple... learning how to do it just takes a step by step process...

...that anyone can follow.


I literally got myself to a five figure monthly income within 90 days of using this strategy


I literally had a month where I earned $16,075 before I started to even show proof of my earnings. I used the same 'strategy' of not posting my own personal results for those first 90 days.

So when I finally showed my earnings, even those who had joined me were completely blown away.


Let me tell you how I discovered this:


...in an intense fit of frustration I sit down on the curb of the street in front of the convention center… watching the cars go by as it’s getting dark out. I see the stars start to appear in the sky. Then I thought to myself...

"How is it that I had worked my ass off to still barely be making it… borrowing money, taking odd jobs. Doing whatever I could to survive and I definitely was not having the life I thought I would have."

I wondered when it was going to be my time. I looked up and saw this star… It was the brightest star in the sky. It seemed to dwarf all of the other stars. I remember thinking to myself.


“I want to shine like that star… brighter than anything else around”


It was at that moment that I did something a little unlikely. I started to talk aloud and proclaim something… stating my intention. I didn’t care who was watching or who was around. (They probably thought I was crazy talking to myself).

“I want to know what it is that is holding me back from the life I’ve always felt I deserved. I don’t care what it is, I’m no longer afraid of confronting whatever I have to, I’m willing to do whatever it takes to have that life, whatever I need to “get”, I want to get it now”

So I got up and started walk back inside not realizing the weekend I had in store for me...

The Accidental "Vision" I Never Thought Would Come Back To Me

So I’m sitting in the audience, listening to a friend on stage walk people through an exercise, a visualization. He announces to the audience that no goal is too far out of reach… it’s only that our current beliefs stop us from it.

So naturally I say to myself “yeah right”.

Then he offers to prove and asks everyone in the audience to play along and ‘humor him” and he’ll demonstrate.

He then says “Tell yourself a goal that you feel may be just a little out of reach, but then tell yourself with all of the conviction that you can that you will accomplish this goal by a certain time”

Doubting where this is even going I accept. I say to myself:


“150,000 dollars in income next year”


Just then I felt this horrible knot tightening in my stomach. That was kinda weird. Then he said:

“Now more than likely you felt some kind of sensation in your body reacting to your goal… it’s your body and your subconscious mind attempting to protect you. Now, close your eyes and ask your mind to give you a memory that caused you to make the decision that you did not deserve this goal”

Like a time warp I found myself sitting around other boys in my mom’s daycare at 4 years old. I was telling all of these 5 and 6 year old boys my hopes and aspirations of what I was going to be when I grow up. I was going to be a millionaire.

They all started laughing at me.

It was at this moment from my 32 year old perspective that I realized at that moment that if I was to speak my truth about things… and say what I was really feeling… I would not be accepted. I did not yet even grasp how much this little belief shaped my life.

Feeling chills down my spine as I opened my eyes I thought to myself "Well that was weird." (It really didn’t sink in yet)

It bugged me a bit but at the time I didn’t really know how to deal with it. So I simply ignored it and continued on with the conference. Thinking I would reflect on it later.

Then the next night.. I’m sitting around at dinner with some friends at a restaurant. That friend of mine who was leading the exercise on stage was sitting next to me… his name was Rob.

Rob in his half-drunken state at the time turns to me (looking like a possessed man, like something had taken him over) and says to me:


“Dude, you’re playing so small… it makes me sick to my stomach”.


Shocked because he also said it loud enough for my other friends at the table could hear it…I really didn’t know how to take that. Then he slumped over in a drunken stupor and seemed to return to his normal self… very quiet enjoying his after dinner drink.

I sat in silence… “I’m playing small? Me? All I had done was try to play big”

Honestly I took it a little personal… and it didn’t sit right with me the rest of the weekend.

So the rest of the weekend went by… and during that weekend something strange had been occurring…

…I had a friend hanging out with me most of the weekend. Her name was Tashina, she lived only a couple blocks from the convention center, so she came to check out the conference with me.

Yet a funny thing would happen every time I was with her and I started to talk with someone at the event…

…she would seem to walk away… wandering off not so far away but far enough to where she couldn’t hear me. I made a mental note of it but didn’t say anything about it while we were at the event.

So after the event, I’m sitting in Tashina’s driveway of her house and it’s a beautiful dark night with the moon out and the stars shining bright. I decide to ask her about the weekend.


“So I have to ask, why did it seem like every time I was talking to someone you would walk away from me? I found it kinda strange”.


Now Tashina was my friend, we had even briefly dated. She knew me quite well, as well as having the ability to really see the real me… even when I didn’t. She finally replied:

“It’s because whenever I heard you talking to people, it made me sick to my stomach”

Now you can imagine, I had heard this more than once this weekend, I had finally had enough, I had to know why. So I asked:

“Can you please tell me why?” She replied, I’ll never forget it.

“It’s because I saw you talking to people and telling them things out of your own ego to protect yourself, you weren’t saying how you really felt. You were not being completely real with people, because you haven’t been being real with yourself…because you’re not honoring yourself…

You’re not honoring others. You’re playing nice to them, but that is not who you are, you see potential in yourself and therefore only talk about potential in others as well, not addressing what is presently happening… you’re not being present with someone, instead you’re accepting their excuses and telling them what they want to hear, rather than what they need to hear…

…you’re too afraid to look at what is real and instead you’re being comfortable with your potential, acting like you are big shot, when you are struggling just like the rest of them. You gotta be real with yourself first”

Then what happened was the single most transformational moment of my life...

I don’t know how this happened, I couldn’t explain scientifically how it worked… maybe it was my subconscious mind finally showing me something… but my whole life flashed before my eyes.

It was like a near death experience. I saw everything in a moment. It was like this movie screen called “My life” appeared in front of me and played my every moment in my life, where this one “faulty” belief led me to a life of constant pain and suffering. 

The toughest part to accept was that in every case, it was my fault, not the other persons fault.

Every relationship, every business partnership, every friend. Family members, romantic relationships… you name it. It all came down to me. In every case it was never the other person’s fault. Although I always blamed that other person before.


I finally got it.


I broke down into tears, crying about all of what I just witnessed with my own two eyes for the next 20 minutes. Tashina had to hold me up from falling over onto the concrete.

In that moment I finally realized this:

I was comfortable in my “potential”. That it was safe to accept when someone would say to me “you’re so full of potential, if you wanted to accomplish that you could… you’re so capable”

I realized that because I was so afraid to deal with reality… present reality. The reality at that moment was that I hadn’t accomplished really anything. I had this chip on my shoulder because I knew I was capable of achieving great things.

Yet in that moment I knew that wasn’t enough. I had to live into this potential and actually do something about it. I had to be real with myself and start being real with others.

I finished sobbing and I wiped the tears from my eyes and I looked up in the sky. I saw that same bright star in the sky and this time I had a different perspective. Now that I had forcefully purged my ego and the need to be so self-righteous I gazed upon that star again with a new realization as I heard this voice inside my head say:

“The purpose of that star is not to shine brighter than any others to simply be the brightest and the best, the purpose of that star shining brighter than any others was to illuminate all of the other stars in sky. It wasn’t just about the star. It was about shining light on every other star… and all of their glory with it.

I finally understood. I finally discovered the real secret to lasting prosperity. No matter what I product or service we’re selling… our real product is people. I needed to lead by example and lift others up at the same time.

I had been making this all about me. It finally made sense when my friends told me I was playing small… I wasn’t living into the potential I had. I wasn’t being real with myself about doing what I was supposed to be doing.

From that moment on. I resolved to live the changes I had realized. Like the great Visionary Mahatma Ghandi once proclaimed. “Be the change you wish to see in the world”. Finally I really understood what he meant.

“I’m not going to waste another day… I will live my purpose and be the change I wish to see in the world”…


…and then things got interesting.


I didn’t really do anything different, except that now my blog posts and marketing had a different ‘vibe’ to them. People felt it, and they knew it was real.

When I looked up 3 months later. I looked at my backoffice and tallied up the sales made for that month.




It turns out that when I focused on being the messenger rather than the message it worked so much better!

I even told stories of others success and then pledged to get them access to the same teaching and training those successful people had to make this work for them. 

"It couldn't be that simple" I said to myself. I started to put the pieces together of what I had learned...

It's like it was me being able to have the success before I actually created it... as long as I tied the offer to me.

I would often have my customers and students tell me they were opening my emails, reading my blog posts, and buying my products, because they were inspired by my story, they knew where I was coming from and they believed in my vision for them.

All of that from telling a story…It worked like a charm, I couldn’t believe it. Since then I have gone on to earn multiple six figures as of writing this quick instructional ebook (Which I’m going to teach you what I specifically learned how to do in the next chapter so stay with me!)


I even used this method to do a webinar with my new found knowledge and literally generate $26,973.00 in one day on one webinar. 

As a result of automating the webinar, I ended up bringing in $35,964 total over 3 days.

In a span of 27 months I personally generated over $300,000 in earnings in my online business. I could have done a lot more, however I got what I wanted… a 5 figure monthly residual income where most of my days are spent outside snowboarding in the winter, or hiking and biking in the beautiful rocky mountains of Colorado.

The peace of mind and serenity with no stress that came with this, I never thought this could happen to me, but it did. Now this reality of freedom, passive income and the time to do what I wanted… when I wanted, was finally a reality. 

So now, let’s get you there too, in the next section I’ll teach you the E.P.I.C. Formula.

I've even shown many other people to do this who have taken this to the six figure income level. Let me first also tell you about a couple of my students who have successfully built a 6 figure business online as well.

First: Amy, a single mother of 2. I helped Amy properly craft her story with all the elements that I include in my E.P.I.C. Method and she has gone on to a multiple six figure income.

Now she gets to work from home and be the "stay at home Mom" having created a six figure income from home on the internet she doesn’t ever have to miss a beat in her precious little girl’s lives. She even volunteers at her daughter’s elementary school, goes on field trips and organizes special events. On top of all of that she coaches her daughter's soccer team. She has that much free time to focus on what matters in her life.

She attributes a large part of her success to this E.P.I.C. Story Formula.

Second: Landon, who was a 22 year old college dropout living with his parents transform his life by catapulting to over 13,000 in one month when he only made 1200 the month before with his business. This is directly due to me teaching him how to properly sell through stories following my simple E.P.I.C. Method.

He is now a multiple six figure earner using the method I taught him.

The reason I tell you about them and their stories are that I want you to see how I have been directly responsible for helping others create a 6 figure income online successfully.

Who knows, maybe you may be next success story and you could be featured in the next version of my book.

So let me show you what I figured out:

I was able to pinpoint the formula of selling through stories down to a 4 part formula that if followed, has an amazing response rate from people. Even people who have no idea about your product, service, opportunity, even industry.


As you may have noticed I like to call it my E.P.I.C. Story Formula:


It means to Engage, Present, Illustrate and Convert. These 4 main key elements are the foundation of an E.P.I.C. Story that you can sell almost anything with.

Lets go a little deeper so you can really understand how this works:

1) Engage – Engaging the reader with the right context so they pay attention, there is a science to this as I have found. You need to employ the “Setting of the Stage” principle. Where the person wants to know how your or whoever you’re talking about went from “A to Z”.

This is what I like to refer to as Establishing Context. This could be likened to a quick 15-30 second movie trailer that gives you the One Big Idea of what the story is about. It’s what sparks the curiosity as you find yourself wanting to know how the story plays out. Some refer to this as ‘The Hook’ or as those NLP Enthusiasts like to say ‘The Open Loop’. All I know, is that if you do this effectively they are following you into the story no matter what they may have been in the middle of.

2) Present – Presenting the problems and challenges, as well as connecting with the reader on a personal and vulnerable level. This is really where the person starts to see that you are human, that you are not perfect and more importantly they know why you decided to set out to solve this problem. They need to know where you are coming from.

It gives the story meaning. This is by far the most important element of the whole story. If you screw this up, then you’re dead in the water. You need to get the other person saying “wow, this person struggled as bad as I did or even worse”.

This is where the connection and trust is built. Once you have done this, then you have the right meaning to ‘set out to discover the solution’ and the reader wants to join you on this journey.

3) Illustrate – Illustrating the solution to the problem that you had, even if it’s simply telling a story of someone else who created a real result. This way they know it works and the story comes to life for them too. This is really where you tell what happened, what you realized and what you learned. As well as illustrate how the problem is solved.

This is where the person starts to believe that “this could happen to them too” and they begin to think of the possibilities of what is possible and how it can be in reach for them.

4) Convert – Which just the proper call to actions and a few concepts to understand when influencing a buying decision. You need to be able to justify why someone wants this product, service or opportunity. This is actually easy to do because in a story all have to do is justify it for yourself and the person reading or listening can relate to it. Simple stuff, yet nobody teaches it.

Now I have witnessed people literally follow this formula, do it in an hour… send an email and make sales. I watched Pavel, do this from me sharing with him in person how to properly tell an E.P.I.C. Story in less than an hour sitting around a table, and he got two sales from an email that day.

He is only one of many who were blown away as I shared this content on stage at a marketing event to a select group of VIP members who paid top dollar to be able to be there.

I’ll even show you that training too. Stay with me.


You Could Screw This Up – Here’s How NOT to do that


I have found that some people have a difficult time doing this for the following reasons:


1) They have to be the hero – some of them just plain can’t get over themselves. They think they have to buy into the “I’m a guru” mentality and don’t give credit where credit is due. This is tiring as I watch people inevitably come out of it disillusioned wondering why they couldn’t create success with it.

This isn’t about you… you’re the messenger not the message. Even I refer to and reference others that have helped shape my journey… leave the vanity to other newbies who can’t get their head on straight.

2) They think they have to tell every detail of their life - because of that, they lose people with stories that don’t ever get to the point. They put so many details that are not relevant to the person listening, reading or watching that they grow bored and choose to disengage.

3) They are not willing to share their struggles – They mistakenly assume that if someone knows their weaknesses and the tough times they went through that somehow they will be judged by that. Which is ridiculous, your struggle is the binding element that builds the trust as someone sees you as human. They actually say to themselves “This person is with us – I want to see them win”

I hope you get that, if they don’t know the struggle, then they have nothing to cheer you on as you reveal how you overcame the struggle, or at least discovered how someone else did it… and talk about how you’re will be heading to “the promised land” as well with your newfound knowledge.

4) They make up fake stories and they lie – This is especially true for those who are building teams, you need your team to trust you. It’s sad that I even have to address this. But if you have an affiliate or team member walk up to you at a company event and ask if the story you told them is true or not… well… that’s on you. 

Business and game over. Short term success followed by having to start all over again… word travels fast. Don’t play the fool.

5) Not describing the story with all senses engaged – you want to be able to paint a picture, describe what you see, voice what was said so that someone can literally hear the character in the story saying something of value. They need to feel what you felt and want to feel like they won too. They are rooting you on, they want it to be like the movie Rudy, or Secretariat. The underdog that overcame all odds.

There you have it, the 5 biggest mistakes that most people make. So be better than that and don’t waste time and energy on those big mistakes.


How to apply this to your business


There are many ways to use a story like this in marketing and many platforms to do this with. I’ve done it many ways. For now know that the story is universal and can be applied to almost any marketing strategy or social media platform.

Even blogs and ebooks I’ve done it many ways and they all have worked. For those aspiring to build an online business in any industry who are always looking for the latest strategy or tactic to generate traffic with, understand this:

The story is the strategy to apply to all of those strategies you may have learned. All you need is one to start. That may be a blog post, it could be a Facebook post or a newsfeed ad. (Which newsfeed ads alone have earned me six figures) Or it may even be a free PDF. There are many ways to do it, but the story is what matters.  I've used my 'signature story' many times in many different ways. They all work.


Here's what I know to be true...


If you reading this, then that means you have a desire inside of you that wants something more than what your present reality is. It may simply mean you want more free time, more money or the type of lifestyle that is usually reserved for the rich and famous.

Well I have some bad news and I have some good news. Bad news first.

If you don't do anything about it today, tomorrow is going to be the same as it was yesterday...

…the same things that frustrate you about your life every single day will still be there because you can't always live on your own schedule, do the things you want to do and be the exact person you want to be 24/7. So doing nothing with this chance is equally damaging to your future.

However, the good news...

The good news is that if you learn go through my course "The E.P.I.C. Story Formula for Marketers" it will show you how to be a master story-seller.

Along with the E.P.I.C. fill in the blank guide on how to get your story crafted so you can begin marketing in a more strategic and effective way to build whatever business or opportunity you choose.

New and repeat buyers are the lifeblood of any business. If you want to attract fresh new people that may be outside of your market right now, the story lead in is the best way.

Plus you can do this without having to learn all of the crazy hypnotic stuff those dorks with no life do thinking that hypnotizing people to buy is a long term strategy that will work

Buyer’s remorse sets in quickly when marketers pull that smoke and mirrors stuff and refunds are way high.

I don’t have time to learn all that stuff… rather than manipulate people, I would rather relate with them. This way I can build a long term sustainable business model. No smoke and mirrors, just realness and integrity. I’ve done it for myself and now you can too.

I want to see aspiring entrepreneurs be able to promote their products and services ethically without feeling like they have to be out of alignment with who they are or their values. People should feel good about what they sell and not have to use manipulative tactics to do so. 

"Telling a story is the most resistance free way I have ever found to demonstrate the need for any product, service or opportunity. It’s the ultimate social proof, it reaches those who would normally be so skeptical that they would never be open to listening to your ‘pitch’ if they knew it was coming"  ~Michael Masterson, Copywriter

Stories are disarming. That’s why I teach and sell through stories. And you can too. If you would like me to walk you through how to craft a story that sells then I invite you to join me in my new course, "The E.P.I.C. Story Formula for Marketers"


You will learn how to masterfully:


  • Write your first story literally as you follow the training modules.
  • Learn how to generate leads with stories.
  • Use stories as the "perfect lead magnet"
  • Successfully "Engage" your prospects into reading your story/Ad/Sales letter.
  • Discover the '5 types of prospects' and which ones are best for selling with stories. 
  • Understand the '3 Focus Types' and how to make a well formed argument that you cannot lose.
  • Craft your 'signature story' to work even if you yet have no results to display
  • Use your stories in multiple ways to sell many different things.
  • Take stories of others and successfully write an "advertorial" about them that converts into buyers for you.

P.S. It’s my time to give back and educate marketers about how build an effective long term sustainable business without knowing the crazy sales stuff most people think they have to learn... 

...I have charged up to 3,000.00 for this information in its first "prehistoric" version. However, you get this completely comprehensive, step by step "look over my shoulder" training as I demonstrate and walk you through how to use these stories to make sales. 

Indeed there is an Art and Science to selling with stories. Lets demystify story-selling together. I invite you to join me for a one time payment of only $497. 

Click the button below now to get "E.P.I.C. Story Formula for Marketers"

14 Day No Questions Asked Risk Free Guarantee!
P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for only $497, you're getting Chris Rocheleau's "EPIC Story Formula for Marketers" online course - and the exact outline as to how he used this to create a multiple 6 figure income in less than 17 months.

See what our students are saying:
"...by far the best course I have taken that explains how to set up a successful internet business for those who have had much success and experience and those who are just starting out.  The course provides the fundamentals and advanced materials on how to find the group of people you would like to work with the most - and how to start a conversation with them through telling your unique story and understanding what your target market responds to - in essence what and how your target market thinks. Chris shows you how to be congruent with who you are and who you choose to market to." ~Trish Roess

I put a new story/Facebook campaign up for something that wasn't working and am now pulling great leads, where before that old story/campaign only pulled 1 low quality lead. And now when I teach my team, I teach through stories first, facts second. They just get it faster!
 ~Alex Ford
I trust Chris, because after I watched this Epic Webcast I know Chris is for real. He created this to help others succeed and grow on a deeper level. I feel more confident to share my story, my mistakes and how my journey went in my lift to the point I am now. I created a video telling my story, I was afraid of bad comments but all i got was love and one sale in my primary business so far. This is going to help me and my business to the next level.
 ~ Tessa Schar

This training is the stuff that NO ONE teaches…well no one did until this came along... holyshit….this whole product is EPIC.
 ~ Matt Dillingham

OMG This is just the best training anyone can get there hands on to once and for all be crystal clear on their target audience! Chris you are amazing! Love your willingness to serve from the heart!
 ~Suzanne Snowsill 

So awesome and that was seriously hands down THE BEST training that I was ever a part of so far. Thanks Chris for being who you are.
 ~ Max Juhasz
14 Day No Questions Asked Risk Free Guarantee!
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